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Bespoke Kitchens & Joinery

A truly bespoke kitchen made at any size and with any finish, hand painted to the exact colour of your choice. Handmade in the UK by our experienced and professional team, all finished to the highest quality and without compromise.

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If you are looking for a beautifully handmade kitchen, hand painted in your choice of colour and made specifically to fit your home, if you like something really special but not showy or ostentatious, if you want a kitchen for life and prefer quality and a timeless look over the latest fashionable alternative then this is the kitchen for you.

This era of furniture is simple, functional and yet grand in a very understated way.


These kitchens are really well suited to large homes with high ceilings, they have a grandeur about them but also a simplicity that enables them to work in boot and utility rooms as well as kitchens.


Every piece of your new kitchen feels substantial and is handmade, tough and strong.

Our experienced design team work tirelessly with you to ensure that every aspect of your requirement is fulfilled. Surveyed and measured to fit perfectly in your space.

Each project led and inspired by the incredible award winning interior designer

Camilla Brogaard.


We also offer bespoke utility, boot room furniture and living spaces including built in cupboards, wardrobes and dressing rooms.


Contact us today to discuss your ideas and see how we can bring them to life.

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